‘Bored’ social conservatives less likely to follow COVID-19 rules: UWaterloo study


Sumary of ‘Bored’ social conservatives less likely to follow COVID-19 rules: UWaterloo study:

  • A new study co-authored by researchers at the University of Waterloo shows that social conservatives who are prone to boredom are less likely to follow COVID-19 public health rules..
  • People who find these measures a threat to their identity, and who suffer from boredom a lot, find breaking the rules helps them re-establish a sense of meaning and identity..
  • Waterloo said the study asked over 900 respondents a wide range of questions about topics such as boredom and political ideology as well as following recommended social distancing rules like wearing a mask and maintaining a bubble..
  • The school said that while boredom has previously been linked to an inability to follow social-distancing rules, its research showed an increased likelihood of participants’ social conservatism..
  • The school says the research will help shape public health policy in the future with one example suggesting it would be better for public health to focus on what one can do and one cannot do…

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