Building blocks of innovation


Sumary of Building blocks of innovation:

  • The need to build an innovative culture in organizations has never been as pressing as it is now because an organization’s culture can make or break digital transformation efforts..
  • Even before the pandemic, forward-looking business leaders already recognized the need to transform their organizations’ cultures due to the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and fast-changing consumer preferences..
  • That’s why in our consulting work, we have been helping companies in both their digital and culture transformation strategies..
  • This framework, propounded by Jay Rao and Joseph Weintraub close to ten years ago, posits that innovative culture rests on a foundation of six building blocks:.
  • “For example, the values of the enterprise have an impact on people’s behaviors, on the climate of the workplace and on how success is defined and measured”, Rao and Weintraub said..
  • Truly innovative enterprises spend generously on being entrepreneurial, promoting creativity and encouraging continuous learning..
  • For employees, actions in support of innovation include doggedness in overcoming technical roadblocks, “scrounging”.
  • An innovative climate cultivates engagement and enthusiasm, challenges people to take risks within a safe environment, fosters learning, and encourages independent thinking….

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