Business to bring thousands of Melburnians back to the office as more rules ease

Business to bring thousands of Melburnians back to the office as more rules ease

Melbourne architect Sarah Ouyang is mostly feeling pretty good about getting back to work at a shared office block in Docklands.

The Brunswick East woman, like tens of thousands of Victorians, has been working from home since the early days of the coronavirus pandemic in March.

But yesterday, Premier Daniel Andrews announced businesses will be able to bring up to 25 per cent of those office workers back on-site from November 30.

Businesses of fewer than 40 people will be allowed to have 10 staff back at work.

Changes across Victoria from today Masks no longer needed outdoors, provided physical distancing can be maintained Masks are still needed indoors and on public transport Up to 15 daily visitors to each Victorian household Hospitality venues can host up to 150 patrons inside, or 50 for smaller venues Up to 50 people can gather outdoors Up to 150 people can gather for weddings and funerals

“[It will be] nice to be able to separate my home life and work life, currently I’m just pretty much at home most of the day,” Ms Ouyang said.

Her employer has developed a COVID-safe plan and she is looking forward to the collaborative environment that comes with a shared office space.

But she is not looking forward to the commute.

Ms Ouyang’s business is considering staggered starting times to reduce demand during peak hour and avoid fuelling a return to the crammed trains and trams of pre-pandemic days.…

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