Callum says he's inherited 'the brain of an old man'. This is 'long COVID'

callum says hes inherited the brain of an old man this is long covid

Sumary of Callum says he's inherited 'the brain of an old man'. This is 'long COVID':

  • Despite the UK now recording tens of thousands of cases a day, and England’s Chief Medical Officer recognising that long COVID will get worse, the country has just rolled back all legal and social restrictions including mask wearing.
  • Experts warn of impacts of COVID on youngThere were 962,000 people who self-reported having long COVID in the United Kingdom, and more than 850,000 caught the virus at least 12 weeks prior, according to a survey from the Office of National Statistics.
  • “A study from University of Oxford and Imperial College London looked at brain scans before and after catching COVID, and found “significant effects of COVID-19 in the brain”.
  • They are symptoms Callum knows well — he reports experiencing ‘brain fog’ regularly.
  • ” Callum says he’s spent more than a year experiencing COVID symptoms, including what he describes as ‘brain fog’.
  • ” A University College London patient-led survey of 3700 long haulers across 56 countries and found 200 different symptoms that affected 10 organ systems.
  • It took the majority of those surveyed about 35 weeks to recover.
  • Professor Gail Matthews from UNSW’s Kirby Institute said those who spent time in hospital will likely get traditional rehabilitation in those clinics, but internationally it is not clear what is needed for those who have lingering issues because the causes are still unknown.

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