Charity raises alarm as West Bank, Gaza ‘overwhelmed’ by second COVID-19 wave


Sumary of Charity raises alarm as West Bank, Gaza ‘overwhelmed’ by second COVID-19 wave:

  • Hospitals in the Palestinian Territories of the West Bank and Gaza are being overwhelmed by a second wave of COVID-19, with hospitals full and the country unable to secure vaccines to protect its population, the medical humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has told Al Arabiya English..
  • As countries around the world race to vaccinate their populations, just two per cent of the population in Palestine has been inoculated against the virus, with the charity fearing fragile health systems in the West Bank and Gaza will cripple under the strain of new cases..
  • Natallie Hurtle, MSF medical coordinator for Palestine, told Al Arabiya English that Palestine urgently needs outside help as it faces “a very ugly 2021.”.
  • According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health genomic analysis, approximately 75 percent of cases sampled in the West Bank are now variant B117, which originated in the UK..
  • AFP) With Palestine – and especially areas such as Gaza – facing additional social determinants of disease, Hurtle said the country is “not at all equipped to cope with “disease surges of any kind.”.
  • “This is particularly true in Gaza, where there is the added impact of occupation and economic blockades which lead to restrictions of entry for medical supply,”.
  • More than 20,000 patients are currently being treated for COVID-19 in the West Bank, adding further pressure to an already fragile healthcare system and leaving medical staff struggling to provide adequate care to hospitalized patients..
  • “We expect to see this now in Gaza – but worse, given its higher-population density, less public health facilities and fewer public health restrictions….

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