China has given almost a million people experimental Covid vaccine, says company


Sumary of China has given almost a million people experimental Covid vaccine, says company:

  • Chinese authorities released the vaccine, developed by China National Pharmaceutical Group (Sinopharm), to select groups of people in July including Chinese government officials, students, and workers travelling overseas, before the vaccines had been proven to work..
  • Sinopharm two vaccine candidates are among five Chinese candidates undergoing international clinical trials because the domestic prevalence of the disease is so low..
  • At least three – all inactivated vaccines from Sinopharm and Sinovac – have been approved for emergency use outside the clinical trials, and some local governments have reportedly allowed residents to take the Sinovac vaccine..
  • The overseas trials have caused some controversy, in part because of a lack of communication from Chinese authorities..
  • In August, 48 Chinese construction workers was barred from entry to Papua New Guinea over concerns they had been given an unnamed experimental vaccine..
  • Addressing the Apec conference on Thursday, Chinese president Xi Jinping pledged closer international coordination on policies for development and distribution of a vaccine..
  • About a dozen vaccine candidates around the world are in the late stages of testing, and as the mass production of vaccines gets closer, governments have begun prioritising recipients…

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