China making example of jailed Wuhan Covid journalist, says lawyer

china making example of jailed wuhan covid journalist says lawyer

Sumary of China making example of jailed Wuhan Covid journalist, says lawyer:

  • Zhang has been on a hunger strike for more than a year in protest at her persecution for reporting on the Wuhan lockdown in early 2020.Her reports challenged official claims about the Wuhan lockdown and the outbreak, which authorities had attempted to cover-up.
  • On Thursday she was awarded the Reporters Without Borders’ 2021 Press Freedom award for courage.
  • Zhang, a 38-year-old former lawyer, was sentenced in December last year to four years in jail on charges of disseminating false information in her video and blog reports from Wuhan and in interviews with foreign press.
  • ”Ren said the conviction was also the manifestation of China’s strict control over journalism, public opinion, and freedom of speech.
  • ‘She is hanging by a thread, we are very worried’Letter to prison authoritiesAttempts by the family to petition authorities for emergency care appear to have stalled, with Covid restrictions stating the paperwork must wait 48 hours to be disinfected before it can be given to prison administrators.
  • An application by the family to the Shanghai Prison Administration Bureau said they understood the case was sensitive but doctors had said it was highly likely she could die without treatment and they were willing to cooperate with the demands of authorities to secure her release.

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