Christmas in lockdown preferred by UK public over new restrictions in January

Christmas in lockdown preferred by UK public over new restrictions in January

Most of the public would rather have a locked-down Christmas than have a new lockdown imposed in January, a new poll suggests.

With the government considering the extent to which restrictions should be lifted to limit the impact on Christmas family gatherings, the latest Opinium poll for the Observer found that the public opted for a locked-down Christmas over new January restrictions by a margin of 54% to 33%.

This split is almost identical across all party groups and demographics, with older voters in particular preferring to lock down over Christmas rather than in January.

There was also strong support for banning people from posting conspiracy theories about the vaccine online, with 64% supporting the idea.

The public are split on whether coronavirus vaccinations should be mandatory, with 42% in support and 45% opposing. Two thirds (66%) of adults in the UK would take a vaccine if it became available and were recommended by the government for people like them.

Opinium/Observer poll: State of the parties

Meanwhile, the country’s two main political parties switched places in terms of overall support this week. The Conservatives lead by three points on 41%, with Labour on 38%. Labour has dropped by four points, while the Conservatives have gained three. It continues a trend since the summer which has seen neither party secure a clear lead.

Keir Starmer has also surrendered his narrow lead over Boris Johnson as best prime minister. Two weeks ago, Starmer led Johnson by 33% to 31%, but he now trails him by a point.…

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