Clinical trial to test whether ivermectin is effective at treating Covid set to begin

clinical trial to test whether ivermectin is effective at treating covid set to begin

Sumary of Clinical trial to test whether ivermectin is effective at treating Covid set to begin:

  • Clinical trials will soon begin in Minnesota to test whether or not anti-parasite drug ivermectin is effective at treating COVID-19.The University of Minnesota Medical School will be examining the drug along with two others to determine their effectiveness at combatting the virus.
  • Ivermectin is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for human use to treat certain parasite-related conditions, and it is regularly available by prescription.
  • The University of Minnesota is performing a study to determine if ivermectin, fluvoxamine or metformin are effective in treating COVID-19 (file image) Ivermectin garnered attention on social media after a study found it could inhibit the replication of COVID-19 cells.
  • The drug is approved by the FDA for human use to treat certain parasite-related conditions but people have overdosed using veterinary versions of the drugResearchers are currently recruiting participants for the study.
  • One group will receive ivermectin alone and another will get a combination of ivermectin and metformin, a drug used to treat type 2 diabetes.
  • A third group will be given metformin alone, the fourth group will receive fluvoxamine – a drug that treats obsessive compulsive disorder – and a fifth group will receive a combination of those two drugs.
  • Ivermectin garnered attention of social media as a potential Covid treatment after an Australian study found the drug could inhibit replication of the virus’s cells.
  • ‘In that study they showed that in cell cultures, ivermectin could inhibit [Covid] replication, but the concentrations required for that effect were in a range called the micromolar range – very high concentrations relative to what you would find in the plasma of a treated person or an animal, which would be 20 to 50 times lower,’ he said.

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