Clusters of COVID-19 infections at Hawaii social gatherings highlight importance of precautions


Sumary of Clusters of COVID-19 infections at Hawaii social gatherings highlight importance of precautions:

  • The Hawaii Department of Health cluster report this week focuses on how social gatherings such as graduation parties can generate COVID-19 infections when precautions are not taken..
  • Last month, health officials investigated a cluster of 10 COVID-19 cases associated with a high school post-graduation party..
  • Although the party was held outdoors, as recommended to lower the risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission, social distancing was not consistently practiced, and most attending were not vaccinated..
  • Fortunately, all who contracted COVID-19 experienced mild to moderate symptoms, and none had to be hospitalized..
  • Two family members attending the party who were fully vaccinated tested negative for the virus, and remained asymptomatic..
  • David Ige lifted outdoor mask requirements in Hawaii but said wearing masks is still highly recommended outdoors when in large groups..
  • Health officials recommend that party attendees wear masks when in crowds or when distancing is not possible for large gatherings outdoors..
  • “Celebrations and gatherings are safest when all participants are vaccinated and everyone practices the recommended COVID-19 mitigation measures, including correct and consistent mask use indoors, in crowds outdoors, and social distancing,”…

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