Coaxing creative thinking

coaxing creative thinking

Sumary of Coaxing creative thinking:

  • Aaron Palileo Co-founder/Director/CIA Bootleg Manila “The true essence of an entrepreneur is someone who innovates his or her field.
  • They destroy the status quo so that a better, more creative, outcome emerges from that destruction.
  • “The eldest and only son of a business-oriented family, Aaron Palileo, CIA Bootleg Manila co-founder and director, had to shelve his dream of pursuing a career in the arts in order to prepare for his eventual role in the family enterprise.
  • Before the pandemic hit, my mom Vangee had her own travel agency, which operated for almost 20 years,”Seeds of “Bootleg” As a film buff, who also dabbled in photography, Aaron yearned to be a filmmaker.
  • The compromise for me was to take up interdisciplinary studies at the Ateneo de Manila University, where I was able to double minors.
  • That said, I only took the required nine units to qualify for the management track and then all of my electives courses were on film, creative writing, gender and media.
  • “His orientation with those two seemingly unconnected worlds proved to be a building block for his career path, which includes his work as an educator, author and a partner in a creative firm that takes a non-traditional approach to marketing.
  • } By 2009, he took a stab at teaching marketing subjects on the Ateneo Loyola campus.

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