Communists’ continuing infiltration of media a reality


Sumary of Communists’ continuing infiltration of media a reality:

  • This is exactly what happened recently when a report in the internet version of the once-oligarch, Lopez-owned ABS-CBN media outfit showed to a sickening extent its reporters’ coddling of the communist New People’s Army (NPA)..
  • On June 6, the Philippine National Police issued a press statement that the rising football star Kieth Absalon was killed, together with his cousin, by an NPA anti-personnel land mine in Masbate as they were riding on their bicycles..
  • There wasn’t even a reference to the NPA in the entire piece, not even a sentence that the police alleges that Absalon was killed by an NPA mine..
  • Three days after this brazen attempt to hide the fact that it was the NPA that murdered Absalon and his cousin, even shamelessly ran a piece titled:.
  • stopped attempting to raise doubts about the murderous role of the NPA only when the Communist Party itself issued a statement admitting it was its mine that killed Absalon and his cousin and expressed its “deep remorse.”.
  • This is just another instance of the Communist Party’s very successful infiltration of media since it launched its armed insurgency in 1969..
  • Sison in fact devoted a lot of his time in recruiting media people into his first core of cadres, such as the then business editor of the pre-martial law The Manila Times Satur Ocampo and Philippines Herald associate editor Antonio Zumel..
  • The first target for control by Sison’s cadres at the UP was the Philippine Collegian, which since 1969 had editors who were Communist Party cadres or sympathized with it, although most of them went on after college to take on careers serving the ruling class….

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