Concerns rise over Indonesia’s sputtering COVID vaccinations

concerns rise over indonesias sputtering covid vaccinations

Sumary of Concerns rise over Indonesia’s sputtering COVID vaccinations:

  • 13, and as infection and death rates soared in July and August, ramped up its program to more than 1 million shots per day.
  • Boosters are planned but probably will not begin until early 2022.The government is urging people to avoid travel if they can and has increased restrictions in all provinces over Christmas and New Year’s, but some 20 million people are still expected to vacation on the popular islands of Java and Bali over the holidays.
  • Budiman said the country should accelerate the vaccination program now, while cases are down and health care systems are not overwhelmed.
  • Indonesia has reported more than 4.25 million cases and 143,000 deaths from COVID-19 among its 270 million people.
  • With a poor record of testing and case reporting, many have questioned the official figures and the Health Ministry conceded this week that there have likely been about four times as many cases as officially listed.
  • Safrizal Rahman, chief of the Indonesian Medical Association in the province of Aceh, on the northwest tip of Sumatra island, said officials need to reach out to local religious leaders to enlist their support in moving ahead with vaccines.
  • ”It has not helped that the prominent voice of former Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari, who served time for a corruption conviction, has been one of those sources, advising against getting the vaccine citing fully-debunked conspiracy theories.
  • As the number of cases has fallen recently, the sense of urgency to be vaccinated has also dropped, and the World Health Organization has noted strong declines in the numbers of shots given for three weeks in a row, most recently an 11.3% drop from Nov.

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