Confusion Grips Migrant Workers as India’s Maharashtra Gov’t Announces Night Curfew, Curbs


Sumary of Confusion Grips Migrant Workers as India’s Maharashtra Gov’t Announces Night Curfew, Curbs:

  • Migrant workers in India Maharashtra state haver been left confused by new COVID lockdowns and are now not sure if they should stay put or return to their home towns in other states as virus cases surge..
  • The 21-day national lockdown recently announced on 24 March means scores of migrant workers are now stranded across the country, with many unable to work because of the restrictions..
  • Migrant Workers Speak Up Sputnik spoke to migrant workers and NGOs to understand their concerns in the present situation..
  • “When I learnt that the government has imposed a partial lockdown in the state, I thanked God that I had left on time this time.”.
  • “During working hours, people won’t come to the shops, plus the state government has announced a lockdown after 8 p.m..
  • © AFP 2021 / INDRANIL MUKHERJEE In this picture taken on July 22, 2020, migrant workers roll iron rods at a construction site in Mumbai Deepak Paradkar, a senior associate with the Mumbai-based NGO Aajeevika Bureau, an organisation working with migrant workers, said he’s been receiving at least 50 queries a day from workers regarding the status of train travel and lockdown speculation..
  • ‘Still Bearing the Brunt of 2020 Lockdown’ Gopal Das, another daily wage worker who grafts at a roadside eatery as a dishwasher, lives in Kherwadi, a suburb in Mumbai..
  • Our eatery target customers are drivers, daily workers, or people earning meagre income, used to visit our Dhaba (eatery) for lunch and dinner,”…

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