Container ship traffic jam at Port of Los Angeles begins to ease

container ship traffic jam at port of los angeles begins to ease

Sumary of Container ship traffic jam at Port of Los Angeles begins to ease:

  • Joe Biden announced a deal last month to establish around-the-clock operations at the Port of Los Angeles to break an unprecedented container ship traffic jam blamed for driving up consumer prices.
  • Ageing truckers retired early, while infection control measures limited dock and warehouse staffing.
  • With container ships stranded at ports and unloaded goods waiting for trucks, the White House hoped the longer workday at the port would help loosen the bottleneck and reduce shipping delays for everything from cars to toasters to sneakers.
  • To speed up the clearance of containers, the port earlier this month had announced a new fee that would hit imports destined for truck removal after nine days or more on docks, and would start after six days for rail-bound cargo.
  • Ports would charge ocean carriers escalating fees for overstaying container – with a $100 charge for the first day, $200 for the second, and so on.

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