Coronavirus in Spain figures (11 June) – lowest incidence rate since last August


Sumary of Coronavirus in Spain figures (11 June) – lowest incidence rate since last August:

  • CORONAVIRUS in SPAIN – latest Health Ministry figures The latest official figure released by the Spanish Health Ministry on Friday 11 June for the number of people who have tested positive for Coronavirus since the start of the pandemic is now 3,733,600..
  • This is an overall increase of 4,412 against the figure released on Thursday, and of which 1,961 have occurred in the past 24 hours..
  • The peak of recorded infections for a 24-hour period during the pandemic in Spain was on 21 January, when 18,504 cases were registered..
  • The overall incidence rate has dropped just two points to 108.46 per 100,000 inhabitants for the past 14 days.- the lowest figure since 14 August last year..
  • There are currently 3,427 people requiring hospital treatment for Covid-19 in Spain, of which 966 are in intensive care..
  • The official figure for the total number of Coronavirus-related deaths since the start of the pandemic on Friday 11 June is 80,501 – an increase of 36 since Thursday..
  • (@ICSGirona / Twitter) Covid-19 Vaccinations in Spain Latest figures (up to 10 June) show that Spain has received 34,715,980 doses of Covid-19 vaccines and that 31,628,321 jabs have been administered….

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