Coronavirus live: around 80% of UK adults likely to have antibodies; highest daily cases in Russia s …


Sumary of Coronavirus live: around 80% of UK adults likely to have antibodies; highest daily cases in Russia since March:

  • A Nobel-winning US biologist has walked back his comments that helped fuel theories about Covid-19 being developed in a Wuhan lab, my colleague Peter Beaumont reports..
  • With debate about the origins of the virus reignited, biology professor David Baltimore recently admitted his phrasing may have been too dramatic..
  • Originally quoted in an article in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in May, and widely requoted since, Baltimore had appeared to suggest that a specific feature in Covid-19 genome, known as the furin cleavage site, was the “smoking gun”.
  • In recent days, however, Baltimore has told a fellow researcher, the scientific journal Nature and the LA Times that – while he had been quoted accurately in the bulletin – he should not have used the phrase “smoking gun”.
  • Leading biologist dampens his ‘smoking gun’ Covid lab leak theory The US has agreed to buy 1.7 million doses of an experimental drug for treating Covid-19 if it gets approval for emergency use..
  • Around 80% of adults in the UK are likely to have Covid-19 antibodies, either through infection or vaccination, according to new data reported by the PA..
  • The EU approval for Germany to give £470m in state aid to support charter airline Condor through the pandemic has been annulled by an EU court, AFP reports..
  • The court said it could not establish that coronavirus-related travel restrictions caused the collapse of a takeover of the airline, which was already in insolvency proceedings when the pandemic broke out….

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