Coronavirus live: Germany set to tighten rules for unvaccinated; Ireland brings in midnight curfew

coronavirus live germany set to tighten rules for unvaccinated ireland brings in midnight curfew

Sumary of Coronavirus live: Germany set to tighten rules for unvaccinated; Ireland brings in midnight curfew:

  • Here is a quick recap of some of the main developments from today so far: Slovakia’s government will decide on Thursday on tighter restrictions to limit access to services for unvaccinated people, the prime minister Eduard Heger said, as hospitals have reached a critical situation because of a surge in Covid infections.
  • The health ministry said there were just 20 beds with lung ventilators currently available for new patients as hospitals rushed to re-purpose beds and shipped patients around the country.
  • With only 45% of the total population vaccinated, the government agreed to prepare measures that would only allow vaccinated people to attend large events;
  • and limit entry to non-essential shops and services, sports, wellness and hotels to those unvaccinated or those who had overcome Covid in the past six months.
  • Covid is now a pandemic of poor nations, Dr David Nabarro, the WHO’s special envoy on Covid told a cross-party group of MPs, adding that governments that are attempting to vaccinate their way out of the pandemic are taking a huge risk.
  • Germany is paving the way for the introduction of tighter restrictions on people who have so far chosen not to be vaccinated against Covid, in an effort to control its highest infection levels since the pandemic began.
  • The state of Saxony, where 85% of ICU beds are occupied by patients with Covid, became the latest to introduce so-called 2G rules in all non-essential shops and facilities, meaning only people who can prove they have been vaccinated or have recovered from Covid will be allowed entry.
  • Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed Scotland’s Covid passport scheme could be extended to cinemas, theatres and bars next week, if that helped avoid a harsher lockdown closer to Christmas.

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