Coronavirus live: UK minister warns against making wedding plans; highest daily cases in Russia sinc …


Sumary of Coronavirus live: UK minister warns against making wedding plans; highest daily cases in Russia since March:

  • When the pandemic then hit, Cummings urged civil servants to hire the company Public First to hold focus groups on the government Covid-19 health messaging..
  • Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin administration imposed strict Covid-19 measures from June 1-14 to address a surge in infections and deaths, on top of an ongoing national emergency to curb the spread of the disease..
  • Intensive care beds for Covid patients in Malaysia have reached full capacity [see 6.11], according to the country health director general, who said the country pandemic remained at a critical level..
  • My colleague Sarah Marsh has a recap here of those important words from NHS Providers chief executive, Chris Hopson, that the link between Covid cases and deaths has been broken..
  • Link between Covid cases and deaths has been broken, says senior NHS boss Three people were killed in a blaze that broke out at a Russian hospital treating patients with Covid-19, authorities said, with one official suggesting a faulty ventilator was to blame..
  • The fire broke out in the early hours of Wednesday at a hospital in the city of Ryazan, some 180 kilometres (112 miles) from Moscow, in a ward treating Covid-19 patients..
  • Reuters note that since the start of the pandemic, Russia has reported several fires at intensive care units that doctors said were caused by malfunctioning ventilators used to treat patients severely ill with the virus..
  • Regular readers will note that I’ve expressed some scepticism about how Russia official figures basically haven’t moved for months, which doesn’t feel like how the pandemic has behaved elsewhere….

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