Coronavirus outbreak at Hilo jail grows to a total of 119 inmates, 16 staff


Sumary of Coronavirus outbreak at Hilo jail grows to a total of 119 inmates, 16 staff:

  • A coronavirus outbreak at the Hawaii Community Correctional Center in Hilo has grown to include 119 inmates and 16 staff, the state Department of Public Safety reported today..
  • Even though the state prioritized vaccinating Hawaii inmates at the start of the COVID vaccine rollout, public safety officials have said many inmates have declined the shots..
  • Hawaii jails and prisons, many of which are severely overcrowded and have poor ventilation, have been hotbeds of coronavirus outbreaks since the start of the pandemic..
  • “The Department of Public Safety continues to encourage all staff and inmates to voluntarily get tested and receive the COVID vaccination,”.
  • DPS has provided the number of vaccines that it has administered to inmates at its facilities, but because the population is transient it not clear what percentage of inmates are protected against the virus at any given time..
  • Public Safety officials said last month that it had vaccinated 140 inmates at the Hawaii Community Correctional Center…

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