Coronavirus: Sister of Canada Post employee who died amid COVID-19 outbreak demands answers


Nearly a month since the death of her 62-year-old brother, Amanda Yeung Collucci is calling on Canada Post to provide answers about a COVID-19 outbreak at his workplace.

“All employers should really take a serious role and responsibility if there’s any cases happening in the workplace they need to do a very thorough investigation to find out where it’s being originated,” said Collucci.

The city councillor in Markham, Ontario said she has received many calls from constituents since her brother’s death last month asking for assurances that their own workplaces are safe.

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“Whether they work at a grocery store, or retail store, they all want me to take this opportunity … to really remind all the employers out there … to continue to put their employees first and protect them and their health and their wellbeing,” she said.

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Her brother, Godfrey Yeung, 62, was a longtime employee at the Gateway East facility in Mississauga.

Yeung was also a father of two, and a “loving husband,” his sister said.

He went to work on January 19 and returned home the following day after his regular overnight shift, but felt sick…

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