Coronavirus vaccine won’t mean end of public health measures, Fauci says

coronavirus vaccine wont mean end of public health measures fauci says

Sumary of Coronavirus vaccine won’t mean end of public health measures, Fauci says:

  • As several coronavirus vaccines inch closer toward FDA approval, the nation leading infectious disease expert has called on the public to double down on public health measures..
  • Fauci, when discussing Pfizer and Moderna results in clinical trials, explained that the vaccines are being evaluated to see if they prevent clinically apparent disease in the individual, and also to see if it prevents severe disease in a person who was inoculated..
  • “The issue is that you’re not going to be completely protected against a degree of infection that you might not even notice that you might be able to spread to others,”.
  • “Which is the reason why the message you may have heard me say over the last couple weeks in the media is that getting vaccinated with a highly efficacious vaccine does not mean that you’re going to abandon completely public health measures.”.
  • Fauci said the public health measures, which include social distancing, avoiding large gatherings, and frequent handwashing should be routine until the level of virus in the community becomes minuscule so that the risk of infection is no longer a threat..
  • Communication, especially as the issues become politically polarized, has been especially difficult Fauci said, adding that part of the challenge when implementing a public health policy is that it has to be an “all in this together”…