Court grants Legislature powers on pandemic relief spending

court grants legislature powers on pandemic relief spending

Sumary of Court grants Legislature powers on pandemic relief spending:

  • (AP) — New Mexico’s Supreme Court on Wednesday delivered a major rebuke to Gov.
  • Jacob Candelaria of Albuquerque teamed up with Republican Senate minority leader Gregory Baca to initiate the constitutional clash over executive and legislative powers.
  • Candelaria told justices that the stakes were too high amid the coronavirus pandemic and economic turmoil to allow just one person — the governor — to determine how New Mexico spends about $1.6 billion in federal aid.
  • or they can be appropriated in a closed-door process in which only the governor may determine unilaterally how to appropriate these funds without the need for, or the inconvenience, of public debate, committee hearings or bargaining majorities in the House and Senate,” Candelaria said.
  • Chief Justice Michael Vigil delivered a shortly worded order that froze pandemic relief funds until legislative appropriations are made.
  • Justices plan later to provide a written opinion, which could influence the decision making process for future federal aid.

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