COVID-19 and Black Fungus: 10 Things You Need to Know


Sumary of COVID-19 and Black Fungus: 10 Things You Need to Know:

  • Mucormycosis, a dangerous infection known as black fungus, is threatening to disrupt India progress in ending the second wave of COVID-19..
  • In an unfortunate form of double jeopardy, black fungus seems to pose the greatest threat to those who have recovered from the virus..
  • says Robert Cyril Bollinger Jr., MD, MPH, the Raj and Kamla Gupta Professor of Infectious Diseases at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore..
  • In India, Black Fungus Cases Surge as COVID-19 Numbers Fall As of June 7, COVID-19 has claimed the lives of more than 350,000 people in India, and the estimated number of confirmed cases in the country is approaching 30 million, according to the World Health Organization (WHO)..
  • The numbers of new COVID-19 cases and deaths appear to be on the decline after peaking on May 7, when there were 414,188 reported new cases, according to the WHO..
  • India COVID crisis has also improved in the last few weeks because of the availability of medical supplies, including oxygen, says Dr. Bollinger..
  • “However, there does appear to be an uptick of COVID-19 in some of the rural areas, which presents a new challenge because these places have fewer resources,”.
  • The surge of black fungus infections presents another complication, with current estimates as reported by the BBC at 12,000 cases and counting….

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