COVID-19 Lockdowns Caused People to Delay Healthcare Appointments: Now Is the Time to Reschedule

covid 19 lockdowns caused people to delay healthcare appointments now is the time to reschedule

Sumary of COVID-19 Lockdowns Caused People to Delay Healthcare Appointments: Now Is the Time to Reschedule:

  • Share on PinterestExperts say it’s important to reschedule medical appointments so minor health issues don’t become serious ones.
  • FG Trade/Getty ImagesResearchers say 20 percent of people surveyed said they avoided medical appointments during COVID-19 lockdowns.
  • It’s been widely reported that regular medical appointments lagged during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • But here’s an update: You still need to get back to your regularly scheduled medical routines.
  • That, in turn, can lead to more severe outcomes “that could have been prevented,” according to Marije Splinter, a study co-author and PhD candidate in the department of epidemiology at Erasmus MC-University Medical Center Rotterdam.
  • “For example, lower back pain is often self-limiting and generally does not need direct medical attention,” she explained.
  • “In contrast, there are also more acute symptoms such as chest pain, limb weakness, or an irregular heartbeat that do need immediate medical evaluation in order to prevent clinical outcomes such a heart attack or stroke,” she said.
  • That continued delay could also impact specialists, urgent care centers, hospitals, and even pharmacists as issues that could have been treated as preventable move to a more serious status.

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