Covid-19 reinfection unlikely for at least 6 months, says study

Covid-19 reinfection unlikely for at least 6 months, says study

Got infected with covid-19? You are unlikely to get hit again for at least 6 months if this new study on covid reinfection is to be believed.

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Ever since countries have started seeing a surge in coronavirus cases again, the question of covid-19 reinfection has surfaced again. Many studies are being tirelessly conducted all over the world to understand this virus better so that we can equip ourselves better.

In a recent British study of healthcare workers, the researchers found that people who’ve had covid-19 earlier are unlikely to contract it again for at least six months after their first infection.

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The findings reassure that…

More than 51 million people have been infected with this virus worldwide and it is only increasing every single day. The findings of the study can reassure those 51 million people that they have low chances of getting reinfected again. 

“This is really good news because we can be confident that, at least in the short term, most people who get covid-19 won’t get it again,” said David Eyre, a professor at Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Population Health, who co-led the study.

Earlier, it was said that immunity against covid might be short-lived

Isolated cases of re-infection with covid-19, the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, had raised concerns that immunity might be short-lived and that recovered patients may swiftly fall sick again.

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