COVID-19 surges across the globe as countries report new records


Sumary of COVID-19 surges across the globe as countries report new records:

  • In the United States, Detroit leaders began making a plan to knock on every door to persuade people to get vaccine shots..
  • In the state of Rio de Janeiro, emergency services are under their biggest strain since the pandemic began, with ambulances carrying patients of all ages to overcrowded hospitals struggling to care for everyone..
  • Authorities say over 90 per cent of the state intensive-care unit beds are taken by COVID-19 patients, and many cities are reporting people dying at home due to lack of available medical treatment..
  • in comparison with previous waves, said Adriano Pereira, director of the mobile emergency care service in Duque de Caxias, an impoverished city outside Rio..
  • 4:21 What we know about the P1 variant What we know about the P1 variant Rio state 14-day moving average of COVID-19 daily deaths climbed from 112 to 207 between March 1 and April 7, with some health analysts expecting even worse days in the next couple of weeks..
  • has now fully vaccinated nearly 20 per cent of its adult population, and New Mexico became the first state to get shots in the arms of 25 per cent of its residents — milestones that are still far off for many hard-hit countries..
  • In Thailand, which has reported only 95 deaths during the pandemic, health officials reported the country first local cases of the coronavirus variant first detected in Britain..
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said this week that it is now the most common variant in the United States, raising concerns it will drive infections and cause more people to get sick..
  • Michigan has averaged more than 7,000 new cases a day — a number that makes the state second in the nation behind New York..
  • Michigan also has the highest number of new cases per capita, with 1 of every 203 state residents getting diagnosed with COVID-19 between March 31 and April 7, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University…

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