Covid-19 vaccine protection wanes for some individuals with time, study suggests

covid 19 vaccine protection wanes for some individuals with time study suggests

Sumary of Covid-19 vaccine protection wanes for some individuals with time, study suggests:

  • A study published by The BMJ today finds a gradual increase in the risk of covid-19 infection from 90 days after receiving a second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.
  • The study was carried out by the Research Institute of Leumit Health Services in Israel.
  • Across the world, large scale covid-19 vaccination campaigns are helping to control the spread of the virus, but even in countries with high vaccination rates, breakthrough infections can occur, which scientists think is due to a gradual loss of immunity over time.
  • Examining the time elapsed since vaccination and risk of infection could provide important clues about the need for a third injection and its preferred timing.
  • To do this, the researchers examined electronic health records for 80,057 adults (average age 44 years) who received a PCR test at least three weeks after their second injection, and had no evidence of previous covid-19 infection.
  • Related StoriesAnd after taking account of other potentially influential factors, the researchers found a significantly increased risk of infection with time elapsed since a second dose.
  • The researchers acknowledge that interpretation of their findings is limited by the observational design, and they cannot rule out the possibility that other unmeasured factors such as household size, population density, or virus strain may have had an effect.

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