COVID: German parliament approves new laws to curb the pandemic

Sumary of COVID: German parliament approves new laws to curb the pandemic:

  • The plans include mandatory daily testing for employees and visitors of care homes, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or not.
  • They also include “3G rules” (“geimpft, genesen, getestet”) requiring people to show proof of full vaccination or recovery or a valid negative COVID test for workplaces and on public transport.
  • This includes restricting or prohibiting recreational, cultural, and sporting events, banning entry to healthcare facilities and the sale and public consumption of alcohol, and closing universities.
  • Measures will not include school closures, blanket travel restrictions, or mandatory vaccination.
  • New legislation includes the introduction of strict penalties of up to five years in prison for forgers of coronavirus documents and certificates.
  • ” Marco Buschmann of the FDP insisted that extending the special regulations beyond November 25 would only make sense if the government wanted to implement blanket business closures or lockdowns, including school closures.

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