Covid live: Jonathan Van-Tam warns of ‘bumpy few months ahead’ as boosters recommended for over- …

covid live jonathan van tam warns of bumpy few months ahead as boosters recommended for over 40s in uk

Sumary of Covid live: Jonathan Van-Tam warns of ‘bumpy few months ahead’ as boosters recommended for over-40s in UK:

  • Conservative party chairman Oliver Dowden has backed AstraZeneca’s controversial announcement that it is moving to seek a profit from its Covid vaccine sales.
  • Dowden also ruled out the UK government following the example of Austria and imposing lockdown conditions on people who are unvaccinated.
  • “My aim is very clear: to get the unvaccinated to get vaccinated, not to lock up the unvaccinated,” Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg told ORF radio.
  • Florida lawmakers will meet on Monday for a week-long special legislative session called by the Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, with the goal of thwarting coronavirus vaccine mandates imposed by businesses or government agencies.
  • Photograph: Barbara Gindl/APA/AFP/Getty Images One of the questions for England’s deputy chief medical officer, Prof Jonathan Van-Tam, at that press briefing was around the ethics of using vaccine doses to deliver booster shots in a wealthy country like the UK, when there are developing nations struggling to even put one dose into people’s arms.
  • And when you are called for your booster, please come forward so that we as a whole UK can get on and finish this job.

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