Covid Mexico: HALF of breast cancer patients hesitant to get vaccine say they fear side effects


Sumary of Covid Mexico: HALF of breast cancer patients hesitant to get vaccine say they fear side effects:

  • Of 619 women who responded to a survey on breast cancer-related social media pages, 183, or 34 percent, said they were tentative to get immunized against the virus..
  • More than 50 percent of the women said they feared adverse reactions and about one-fifth distrust the health care system..
  • The women also reported that they were most likely to be motivated to take the vaccine if it was recommended to them by their oncologist..
  • For the study, published in JAMA Oncology, the team surveyed 540 women resisting in Mexico who visited social media channels dedicated to improving breast cancer care..
  • Of the group, 357 said they were willing to be vaccinated immediately against COVID-19 and 183 were hesitant to be vaccinated right away..
  • Among the hesitant group, 54.6 percent – 100 women -feared side effects or adverse reactions and 20.2 percent – 37 women – said they distrusted the health care system..
  • Other primary reasons women cited for not wanting the vaccine was that some believed that the vaccine is not for women with breast cancer, 12.6 percent, or their physician has not recommended it to them, 9.8 percent..
  • Some also believe that the vaccine is either not effective (17, 9.3 percent), or can cause Covid-19 (14, 7.7 percent)….

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