Covid more likely to spread indoors through maskless interaction


Sumary of Covid more likely to spread indoors through maskless interaction:

  • The study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine describes how different sized respiratory droplets emitted while speaking span a continuum of sizes and can carry different amounts of virus..
  • Most concerning are intermediate-sized droplets that remain suspended in the air for minutes and can be transported over considerable distances by convective air currents..
  • “We’ve all seen some spit droplets flying when people talk but there are thousands more, too small to be seen by the naked eye,”.
  • “When the water evaporates from such speech-generated, potentially virus-rich droplets, they float in the air for minutes, like smoke, thus putting others at risk,”.
  • However, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in May, announced that exposure to respiratory fluids — very fine respiratory droplets and aerosol particles — present in air and which carry viruses are the main reason for contracting Covid-19 infection..
  • The Indian government also in an advisory stated that aerosol and droplets are key modes of transmission of the virus….

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