Covid symptoms: Eight signs you may have had the virus without even knowing


Sumary of Covid symptoms: Eight signs you may have had the virus without even knowing:

  • The COVID-19 virus may have been around longer than we originally thought resulting in some people who may have had the virus and recovered from it without even knowing..
  • If a person has contracted COVID-19 and then subsequently fought the virus off, the theory among many scientists is that they become immune to reinfection..
  • Like similar coronaviruses, antibodies develop to help the body defeat the illness, and the body develops at least short-term immunity as those antibodies linger around after COVID-19 is gone..
  • When a person gets a viral or bacterial infection, a healthy immune system makes antibodies against one or more components of the virus or bacterium, said Health Harvard..
  • “While the immune system could potentially respond to different parts of the virus, it’s the spike proteins that get the most attention..
  • “Immune cells recognize the spike proteins as a foreign substance and begin producing antibodies in response.”…

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