Covid vaccine programme for developing countries could cost $6.5bn


Sumary of Covid vaccine programme for developing countries could cost $6.5bn:

  • The world developing countries could be vaccinated against Covid-19 at a cost of just $6.5bn (£4.6n) if pharmaceutical companies waive their intellectual property rights, under plans being outlined at the G7 summit this weekend..
  • Unless an agreement is reached with vaccine developers, the cost of vaccinating the citizens of all low- and middle-income countries could reach $80bn, according to calculations by the aid charity Oxfam..
  • Campaigners say G7 leaders must support a global network of manufacturing sites for the most effective vaccines, allowing developing world countries to distribute doses safely and effectively..
  • The US has pledged to support the delivery of an extra 500m doses of the vaccine to the poorest countries from its existing vaccine orders, the UK has pledge 100m and the G7 is expected to make commitments that take the total to 1bn doses by the end of the year..
  • But campaigners point out that more than 10bn doses will be needed to inoculate all of those living in low- and middle-income developing countries..
  • US president Joe Biden has lent his support to calls by South Africa to waive vaccine patents and he was joined by French president Emmanuel Macron on Thursday..
  • Former prime minister Gordon Brown has called on the G7 to find $60bn for vaccination programmes in 92 of the world poorest countries..
  • South African president Cyril Ramaphosa is concerned that his government will be forced to pay considerably more for the vaccine than Covax, and wait longer to receive it unless the G7 supports a vaccine waiver and the distribution of manufacturing sites to each country….

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