DA revises tractor procurement process


Sumary of DA revises tractor procurement process:

  • THE Department of Agriculture (DA) has reduced the market presence requirement for suppliers of four-wheel tractors 10 years in an effort to allow more farm machinery manufacturers and distributors to participate in the government’s farm mechanization program..
  • It also responds to complaints of prospective bidders as the 25-year to 30-year market presence requirement has deprived them from participating in the DA farm mechanization program,”.
  • Previously, the DA had varying market presence requirements on its procurement of four-wheel tractors for the national farm mechanization program:.
  • 30 years for the Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization (PhilMech) and DA regional field offices (RFOs) in Ilocos, Central Luzon and Western Visayas;.
  • “The new policy will henceforth attract more industry players and provide DA agencies wider choices of suppliers, thus hastening the Duterte administration’s farm mechanization program,”.
  • They should also provide a minimum one-year warranty and show proof that the company has no reported major breakdowns for products under warranty in the last two years….

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