‘Dangerous’ new strain claim rubbished

dangerous new strain claim rubbished

Sumary of ‘Dangerous’ new strain claim rubbished:

  • Today, it was essentially revealed that an alleged lie led health authorities and the government to conclude a new strain must have merged..
  • South Australian Premier Steven Marshall sent the state into a lockdown in a bid to stop a coronavirus cluster spreading, an outbreak he initially labelled “a particularly sneaky strain”..
  • “[It a] highly contagious strain and if we don’t get on top of that very, very quickly it will get away from us and that will be disastrous for us in South Australia,”.
  • Chief Health Officer Professor Nicola Spurrier claimed the strain the state was currently dealing with has a “very, very short incubation period”..
  • media_cameraPremier Steven Marshall claimed South Australia was dealing with a ‘highly contagious’ COVID-19 strain..
  • Tricia Watkinson Professor Spurrier said that characteristic meant that a generation, or stage of people passing on the virus to others, was only about three days..
  • Professor Spurrier also backed away from her previous claims about the outbreak, now saying “there is nothing about the genomics in any way that makes it particularly special, it just that we can fingerprint it and track it back to where it came from”..
  • Infectious diseases physician and epidemiologist at the Kirby Institute, Professor Greg Dore, called the claims “rubbish”..
  • media_cameraAuthorities have now discovered a COVID-19 case was a worker at the Woodville Pizza Bar, not a customer like they initially claimed..
  • Patrick James Professor Dore explained his comments to The Sydney Morning Herald, saying it was South Australias testing strategy that was making it seem like the virus is acting in a different way..
  • Emerging viruses researcher with the Menzies Health Institute Queensland, Dr Adam Taylor, said the characteristics of this virus explained by South Australian officials all match up with the major strain of the virus that has been circulating and don’t necessarily indicate a new strain…

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