Deconstructing marriage as an inviolable social institution


Sumary of Deconstructing marriage as an inviolable social institution:

  • One therefore can only surmise that the protection of marriage as an inviolable social institution is not synonymous with turning it into a lifetime imprisonment for people who made wrong decisions..
  • What heightens the inconsistency is that when nullity of marriage is declared in situations that are in fact also grounds for divorce, such as psychological incapacity, that such prohibition to remarry is no longer present..
  • Considering that nullification proceedings are expensive and require a tedious process, this further creates a class distinction between those who have the resources to hire lawyers and mental health professionals, and those who don’t..
  • Those who oppose divorce always advise people to really think hard before they enter into a marriage because it is a lifelong commitment..
  • And those who find themselves making the wrong decisions are advised to make it work, even if the differences are irreconcilable and fundamental..
  • These women are asked to bear the burden of keeping marriage as an inviolable social institution, even if it becomes an enabler for the violation of their fundamental rights..
  • Many would like to recast the argument in religious terms, except that here there is also no solid constitutional ground..
  • In fact, the most egregious defense of bad marriages warranting divorce is the one that comes cloaked in religious arguments….

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