Details on vaccine rollout to be revealed

details on vaccine rollout to be revealed

Sumary of Details on vaccine rollout to be revealed:

  • Australians will get a clearer picture about vaccine availability over the rest of the year – a pointer to the easing of restrictions – after national cabinet meets on Friday.
  • Prime Minister Scott Morrison and state and territory leaders are expected to be briefed on the latest elements of the vaccine strategy including future supply and a massive expansion of the use of pharmacies to provide jabs.
  • However, senior federal government figures warn a further toughening could adversely affect the economy and the income that pays for health services needed to deal with the pandemic.
  • Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce said there was sense of frustration in the community over lockdowns.
  • “He was confident restrictions could be lifted at the end of the year when there were ample supplies of vaccines to cover those who wanted a jab, but there would need to be an “honest conversation” with Australians about living alongside COVID-19.”People will get sick and tragically some people will die.
  • “Australian Medical Association president Omar Khorshid said the Delta strain was keeping ahead of the best efforts of contract tracers and could require tougher restrictions.
  • “National cabinet is also expected to endorse terms of reference for an update of a report by former health department secretary Jane Halton into the quarantining of Australians returning from overseas.
  • Ms Halton will be asked to consider alternatives to hotels such as home quarantine.

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