DFG funds 51 new projects to carry out research into epidemics and pandemics


Sumary of DFG funds 51 new projects to carry out research into epidemics and pandemics:

  • The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) is funding more than 50 new interdisciplinary projects to carry out research into epidemics and pandemics..
  • This is the outcome of a broad interdisciplinary call for proposals launched by Germany’s largest research funding organisation and central self-governing body for research following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic..
  • While the first projects were able to start work at the beginning of this year, the final funding decisions have now been made under this call for proposals, with funding of €31.5 million going to a total of 51 projects..
  • Related Stories The DFG responded to the COVID-19 outbreak after just a few weeks at the end of March 2020 with the largest call to date for new research projects relating to epidemics and pandemics..
  • A whole series of projects focus on the impact of COVID-19 on research itself and the research system, or look at the role of science and the humanities and science communication in times of crisis..
  • The work of the funded projects will be supported by the interdisciplinary DFG Commission for Pandemic Research, which was likewise established in spring 2020…

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