Diality Inc closes $12.5 million in financing for portable hemodialysis machine


Sumary of Diality Inc closes $12.5 million in financing for portable hemodialysis machine:

  • The release noted the company is developing a “versatile hemodialysis system to address the unmet technology needs of the evolving dialysis industry,”.
  • This change is due, in part, to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as increased costs and poor outcomes that have been demonstrated with in-center dialysis, according to Khawar..
  • Adobe Stock “To accommodate cost-effective delivery outside of specialty dialysis facilities, hemodialysis machines need to be user friendly for non-specialty nurses, patients and care partners,”.
  • “To meet the needs of prescribing physicians and their patients in acute, subacute and home settings, a portable machine also needs to be capable of delivering a wide range of dialysis doses..
  • We see the lack of a machine with this level of versatility as a lingering market gap that we seek to fill by developing a truly portable system capable of delivering the intense dialysis doses commonly prescribed for patients receiving three dialysis treatments per week, in addition to lower-intensity doses suitable for more frequent dialysis.”.
  • The release further noted that as the design of the hemodialysis system is now completed for clinical use, the initial Series B round of funding will be used in efforts to gain 510(k) clearance from the FDA…

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