Dido Harding to head the NHS? Her position would be untenable | Polly Toynbee


Sumary of Dido Harding to head the NHS? Her position would be untenable | Polly Toynbee:

  • They can shrink the state with fiscal austerity, but they can diminish it, too, by imposing state-shrinkers on its controlling heights..
  • Not since the Victorians abolished patronage with open competition has any government so ruthlessly ushered its placemen into every nook and cranny of the public realm..
  • To appoint Dido Harding as NHS England chief executive – she told the BBC Woman Hour that she considering applying – would signal a slide back to the dark ages of influence..
  • Again, without contest, she was put in charge of the test-and-trace project, possibly the most notorious public administration disaster in living memory..
  • When Simon Stevens, the current NHS England chief, departs in July, he will leave a gaping hole as a powerful health service defender..
  • With the institution in crisis, with epic waiting lists and workforce shortages, the government needs someone in charge who guaranteed not to rock the boat..
  • The upcoming health and care bill abolishes the NHS chief independence, giving the health secretary ultimate powers, including a veto over NHS appointments..
  • The minister can ensure compliant allies run the new integrated care systems controlling local services, and all trust boards….

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