Does the Covid vaccine affect your fertility? Expert – ‘No evidence’


Sumary of Does the Covid vaccine affect your fertility? Expert – ‘No evidence’:

  • Lockdown easing on June 21 has been thrown into doubt as the Indian Delta variant rapidly spreads across the nation..
  • Claims have surfaced everywhere in the past week claiming the Covid vaccine makes women infertile – but what does the science say?.
  • The vaccine rollout in the UK has now been given to 78 percent of the adult population receive at least one dose of the jab..
  • In England, people aged 25 to 29 are now able to book their vaccine, while those aged 18 and over can in Northern Ireland and Wales, and those aged 30 and over in Scotland..
  • New Public Health England data published on Friday revealed almost two-thirds of those infected with the Delta variant have not had a Covid vaccine at all..
  • It is estimated the cases of the Delta variant are doubling between 4.5 and 11.5 days – and these cases now account for 90 percent of cases..
  • Many doctors and health officials have been keen to stress there is currently no evidence to suggest any of the coronavirus vaccines have an impact on fertility in men or women..
  • The vaccine involves introducing a harmless fragment of the Covid virus’ genetic material or the instructions to make it….

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