Dr. Bogoch weighs in on Ontario-wide COVID-19 lockdown possibility


Sumary of Dr. Bogoch weighs in on Ontario-wide COVID-19 lockdown possibility:

  • According to infectious diseases specialist Isaac Bogoch, issues including the spread of variants and unchecked community transmission in Ontario regions have been main concerns..
  • Bogoch adds that there are measures to create safer schools and hopes new policies will be considered when kids return to school..
  • At work, Bogoch says every day there are more people admitted to the hospital with COVID-19, adding in Ontario, there a major issue with the capacity in intensive care units..
  • “It clearly a problem here from a health-care capacity standpoint, and I think we have to be very concerned and mindful that the current measures probably aren’t going to slow things down fast enough, if at all in some of the high-burden areas,”.
  • The medical officers of health for Toronto, Peel Region and Ottawa have called for a provincewide stay-at-home order..
  • COVID-19 — Toronto, Peel, and Ottawa medical officers call for provincewide stay-at-home order “You really have to take some more decisive measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the community, you can’t have your health-care system stretched beyond capacity,”.
  • “Unfortunately when your case numbers are this high and your health-care system is stretched, you’re really left with few options..
  • Bogoch says there must be support implemented with a lockdown, adding that there will still be essential workers leaving their homes who should be prioritized for the vaccine…

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