Dubai Air Show opens to industry on the mend amid COVID-19

dubai air show opens to industry on the mend amid covid 19

Sumary of Dubai Air Show opens to industry on the mend amid COVID-19:

  • Boeing and Airbus have traditionally been the stars of the aviation trade show, competing for multibillion-dollar Gulf-based airline purchases and hammering out final details minutes before back-to-back press conferences.
  • Boeing had to make changes to flight software that played a role in the crashes, paid an undisclosed sum to airlines that were affected by the aircraft’s grounding and has settled dozens of lawsuits filed by families of passengers killed in the crashes.
  • China’s state-owned defense firm CATIC displayed a range of anti-aircraft missiles, munitions and fighter jets.
  • The jet is a less pricey competitor to the U.S. F-35, which the United Arab Emirates has been trying to acquire since formally recognizing Israel last year in a deal brokered by the Trump administration.
  • Israeli companies, meanwhile, displayed their hardware for the first time at the air show following Israel’s normalization of diplomatic ties with the UAE last year.
  • The state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries company showed off a range of manned and unmanned naval and aerial drones.
  • Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems displayed its “drone dome” that detects and destroys drones with lasers.
  • Emirati defense officials were seen asking about the range and weight of the anti-drone system at the Israeli pavilion.

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