Educating girls is critical to the global Covid recovery plan | Dominic Raab and Julia Gillard


Sumary of Educating girls is critical to the global Covid recovery plan | Dominic Raab and Julia Gillard:

  • This is why the UK is using its G7 presidency to put the spotlight on girls’ education, rallying global leaders to increase their support..
  • On the first day of the G7 summit, the prime minister announced a pledge of £430m of new UK aid to the Global Partnership for Education..
  • This support will mean real, practical support for education in 90 lower-income countries and territories that are home to a billion children over the next five years..
  • It includes reaching the most disadvantaged children with education in Nepal, special needs education for children in Uganda, outreach programmes to keep at-risk girls in school in Sierra Leone, and supporting community schools for girls in Afghanistan..
  • The funding will go to the Global Partnership for Education, the largest partnership and fund dedicated to transforming education in lower-income countries..
  • In the two decades since the Global Partnership was established, we have seen the largest expansion of primary and lower secondary schooling in history..
  • Kenya is a great example of where this work is helping governments make a huge difference, transforming young people lives..
  • In just five years, the Global Partnership has supported the government of Kenya to train more than 102,000 Kenyan teachers and distributed 60m textbooks to primary and secondary schools….

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