Egypt announces clinical trials of homemade COVID-19 vaccine

egypt announces clinical trials of homemade covid 19 vaccine

Sumary of Egypt announces clinical trials of homemade COVID-19 vaccine:

  • Egypt’s national research body said Sunday that it will start clinical trials for a domestically made coronavirus vaccine.
  • The country’s acting health minister, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, told reporters at a press conference that it is launching clinical trials of the new vaccine.
  • He said the trial for the vaccine, named ‘COVI VAX’ will start with tens, then hundreds, and will eventually include thousands of people.
  • Sunday’s announcement in Cairo was the first indication that researchers there had moved from producing the vaccine and early testing to injecting people who are the subjects of the trial.
  • The World Health Organization has previously recognized the Egyptian vaccine as one of hundreds of formulas around the world that are in development.
  • “It’s a very important strategic situation, that there is an Egyptian vaccine that we can rely on in the coming period,” said Ghaffar, who is also the minister of higher education and the head of the national research institute in the country.

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