Eidul Azha economy thrives amidst pandemic precautions

eidul azha economy thrives amidst pandemic precautions

Sumary of Eidul Azha economy thrives amidst pandemic precautions:

  • As soon as the festival nears, temporary markets to sell sacrificial animals pop up across Karachi and the rest of the country.
  • Apart from this, other markets are also established to support the animal market which provides fodder for the animals as well as accessories for the animals.
  • Eidul Azha has helped other sections of the struggling market like transporters who shuttle animals from the market to homes;
  • Cooks and catering services also get business as people organise parties and gatherings.
  • ” Despite a surge in Covid-19 cases people are ready to celebrate the festival with traditional enthusiasm Some compare the situation in Karachi to other Muslim countries.
  • Everyone sacrificed animals on Eid but you never saw animals all over the place.
  • “I set up a stall this year with food for the sacrificial animals, accessories, and other things.
  • The food goes faster than the other items as this is needed daily.

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