electronic noses that can sniff out disease

Sumary of Electronic noses that can sniff out disease:

  • But, in fact, so-called electronic noses (‘e-noses’) that sniff out diseases are just around the corner, with scientists now working on devices to detect everything from Covid-19 and asthma to liver diseases and even some cancers, simply by looking at what’s in your breath.
  • Good Health writer Jinan Harb is pictured above visiting Owlstone Medical at Cambridge Science Park, Milton, CambridgeScientists have understood this since the 1970s, but producing the highly sophisticated devices, programmed to detect VOCs with specialised and intricate sensors, has taken decades of work.
  • One UK company, based in Cambridge, is leading the field and is already making breath tests for researchers and doctors to trial.
  • The device in question is essentially a disposable silicone mask attached to a hand-held gadget, roughly the size of a camera — and Good Health was given access to the laboratory where it’s being developed, to see how it might transform healthcare.
  • Colon cancer has particular significance for Owlstone Medical’s CEO, Billy Boyle.
  • She was 36 and left behind their twin boys, then aged fiveThe biotech company Owlstone Medical claims its device can be used to detect and monitor conditions such as liver diseases, lung ailments and various types of cancer — including colon cancer.
  • Colon cancer has particular significance for Owlstone Medical’s CEO, Billy Boyle.
  • Dogs have a particularly acute sense of smell and, since 2008, the charity Medical Detection Dogs has been training dogs to sniff out diseases, from diabetes to Parkinson’s and cancer.

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