Europe’s travel industry is on a knife edge as Covid surges, again

europes travel industry is on a knife edge as covid surges again

Sumary of Europe’s travel industry is on a knife edge as Covid surges, again:

  • Instead, the season is looking highly uncertain as the delta variant surges in Europe, prompting a plethora of varying rules and restrictions, traffic-light systems designating country risk profiles as well as possible quarantines and vaccine entry requirements.
  • Despite efforts in the continent to hold back the variant, the inevitable spread has taken place with the strain now accounting for the majority of new infections from country to country.
  • The Netherlands and Spain have seen big surges in cases, largely attributed to the night time sector after both countries reopened their nightclubs in late June, only to reverse course two weeks later.
  • Meanwhile, France declared it was entering a fourth wave of the pandemic earlier this week, with government spokesman Gabriel Attal sounding the alarm:”We have entered a fourth wave.
  • A rise so big, so sudden, we haven’t seen that since the beginning of the pandemic,” Attal said on Monday.
  • Easyjet’s CEO Johan Lundgren told CNBC on Tuesday that the travel sector was facing an “extraordinarily challenging” situation, but that vaccination programs in Europe were the key to reopening.
  • The question is to make sure the vaccinations are breaking the link between [infection and] severe hospitalization and death, and fortunately it looks to be that way,” Lundgren told CNBC’s “Squawk Box Europe.
  • Like its fellow European countries, Greece has not escaped the somewhat inevitable rise in Covid cases as the economy (particularly the island night time economy) has opened up.

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