Explained: What is KYC-VS, the new update on CoWIN to check vaccination status

explained what is kyc vs the new update on cowin to check vaccination status

Sumary of Explained: What is KYC-VS, the new update on CoWIN to check vaccination status:

  • With the economy gradually re-opening, the government has come out with a way for people to check the Covid vaccination status of their employers, clients or service providers.
  • The Health Ministry on Friday introduced an update on the CoWIN IT platform, where beneficiaries book Covid-19 vaccination appointments and download the digital vaccination certificates.
  • The new update is called the Know Your Customer’s/Client’s Vaccination Status (KYC-VS).
  • The new feature will enable entities to check an individual’s status of vaccination through CoWIN.
  • The health ministry said that it has been developed for purposes where an entity does not need to see the vaccination certificate in full, and would just need to know whether an individual has been vaccinated or not.
  • “As socio-economic activities are being gradually revived while maintaining everyone’s safety, there is a need for a way to digitally convey the status of individuals’ vaccination to entities with whom they may be engaging with for any or all reasons, as employees, passengers, residents,” the health ministry said.
  • The government has specifically cited common instances where the new feature will be helpful.
  • First, when an enterprise or employer may like to know the vaccination status of its employees to resume functions in offices, workplaces.

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